What are your monthly fees?

Our fees are reasonable and competitive with other similar facilities. Fees are based on a “flat rate” and vary depending on “level of care” needs. We bill you on a month to month basis and require payments by the first of each month.

What happens if my money runs out and I can’t afford the monthly fee? Will I have to move
to a different facility?

No, you will not have to move. Our community has contracts with the Arizona Long-Term -Care¬†System often referred to as ALTCS. ALTCS is Arizona’s alternative to Medicaid and is available to assist those residents who no longer have the ability to pay monthly fees when funds and other assets are depleted.

How do I apply for ALTCS financial assistance?

We will assist you with the application process and work closely with ALTCS representatives to ensure that your application is completed in a timely manner.

What are your upfront move-in fees and is there a long-term contract?

We require a non-refundable administration fee for private pay residents only. Non-refundable administration fees very but are generally based on administrative costs incurred. The one-time fee is no more than $2000 for an individual, as well as a married couple. There is no administration fee for those residents on state-subsidized ALTCS programs. The number nine fee covers the first month. The last month deposit is a security and cleaning deposit and is fully refundable when conditions are met. When financial situations are difficult, we allow the last month deposit to be paid over a three month period. If the resident moves in during the month, the fee is prorated from the day of move-in and reflected on the second month’s invoice. There are no long-term contracts. You may cancel service with us by giving us thirty-day notice.

Will long-term-care insurance [LTC] cover monthly rent fees?

It depends on the policy. In the past, most insurance policies covered only nursing home stay. More and more policies provide coverage for Assisted Living and Senior Care and because we are considered an “Assisted Living Center or Senior Care ” as opposed to “Assisted Living Home or Senior Care Home” coverage would likely be approved. We will review your policy and discuss coverage with your insurance underwriter if requested.

What happens to me if my health care needs progress? What if I become “bed bound” or eventually a Hospice patient, will I have to move?

No, you will not have to move. In fact, you will never have to move again. We provide all “levels of care” to our residents. Our license with the Arizona State Health Services provides for “Directed Care” allowing us to provide any and all care you may require.

Do you provide transportation for doctor’s appointments and other required appointments?

Yes, we arrange most appointments and provide transportation to and from appointments.

Are there any restrictions to visiting hours?

No, we encourage families and friends to visit as often as possible and participate in activities and other social gatherings. On occasion a relative or close friend can spend the night with their loved ones. Each bedroom suite is large enough to accommodate a sofa or sleeper sofa.

Do I have to provide my own furniture?

Although we encourage families to provide their own bedroom furniture and perhaps a
comfortable living room chair we only do so in order for residents to feel as much “at home” as possible with personal items from their home. On many occasions residents may come to us with only a suitcase after discharge from a hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation center. In those circumstances we provide all furniture, linens, towels, and toiletries for their comfort and needs.

How are your caregivers selected?

Matching the right caregivers with our residents is essential to our success. We communicate with our residents daily and send quarterly surveys to close family members as an ongoing evaluation of “how we are doing”. Caregivers, as well as all personnel are carefully screened and selected through extensive background checks.

Why would I choose Heritage Village Assisted Living community over others in the area?

We have owned and operated Assisted Living communities for over thirty years. No one in the industry has more “hands on” experience than we do. In addition to excellent quality care for our residents we pride ourselves in providing the best home-cooked meals and daily activities of any other community. Our floor plan is state of the art and by far the most functional of any design on the market today.
Private rooms along the corridor require only a short distance to our dining room and family room. It is as close to home with our home-like environment that looks and feels like home. Our homes have been specifically designed for seniors; i.e., –more so than any other facility you will see. From your private¬†room your senses will recognize food cooking in the kitchen, popcorn, cookies, homemade bread, and the fresh aroma of coffee brewing. From our outside entrances and throughout our interiors there are
no steps. Each home is a single level custom home with beautiful exterior and interior treatment and features. We have even created a “theme” for each home with features and memorability from the forties and fifties that our residents can relate to from their early childhood years.

How do you keep your homes clean and odor free?

We follow a very strict daily cleaning schedule and use only the best and safest cleaning products available on the market today. If a resident needs linens or personal clothes washed, then we do them on a daily basis. There is no substitute for a clean and odor free home.

What if I don’t like my caregivers?

We listen to what the resident has to say on a daily basis. After all, it is the resident’s home, not the employee’s home. If personality conflicts exist, or an employee is not giving adequate and above average care, he or she is replaced.